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Ready to read wafers in the 21st Century?

This digital camera system has probes that allow you to push down on the wafers and take snap shots of each as they pop up inside the lock. Then go to the image folder and compare the photos to figure out the key cuts.

* Adjustable light source.

* 2 easily changable probes and adjustable focus.

* Includes pdf file with a huge amount of information about the make and model cars and motorcycles that use wafers. Information like quantity of wafers, how many depths you are looking for and wafer sizes.

* Flash drive also contains 5 videos about wafer reading.

* Software Included.



G.M. Decoder

Decodes all tumblers in one step without complete disassembly of the lock. Pick sidebar down. Press the K-4 firmly into the six chambers of the lock. Read cuts with gauge provided. Made of Lexan. Guaranteed for life. Stainless steel fingers. Durable aluminum card. Instructions and case included.

K-3 Straight Shot Clip Removal Tool

Straight Shot Clip Removal Tool

“The ultimate Corvette tool.” Use where you have a “straight shot” at the clip. SPECIAL FEATURE - ball bearing holds clip in tool until YOU want it removed.

K-7 G.M. / Ford Lock Block

G.M. / Ford Lock Block

The K-7 G.M./Ford Lock Block is truly a versatile tool. One end accommodates all G.M. side bar locks, as well as older AMC and Chrysler side bar ignitions. The other end, accepts Ford side bar ignitions. Ball bearing action holds lock firmly. A practical tool for service truck or shop use.

K-7-10C 10 Cut G.M Lock Block

10 Cut G.M Lock Block

The K-7-10C is designed to be used with the 10 cut G.M. Lock.

K-* Impressioning Plate

Impressioning Plate 

(Chrysler, Ford, AMC, Toyota,Nissan, & Cam Lock

Specialized plate that holds locks as if they were still in the vehicle. The K-8 Impressioning Plate works with your vise to hold Chrysler, Ford, American Motors, Toyota, Nissan and all standard cam locks.

Made of stainless steel, the K-8 will hold all of the above locks firmly, without crushing the outside casing. A must for every shop.

K-8B Impressioning Plate

Impressioning Plate

( Honda, Mazda, Nissan 82, Toyota 83+, & DDCam Lock)

The New K-8B works with Honda, Mazda, Nissan 1982+, Toyota 83+ & DD cam locks.

Made of stainless steel, the K-8B will hold all of the above locks firmly, without crushing the outside casing. A must for every shop.

K-10 G.M. Compressor

G.M. Compressor

This pocket size tool compresses the lock plate spring on AMC, Chrysler tilt, G.M. tilt, telescopic, metric and standard steering columns. The tool is designed to use the same Phillips screwdriver needed to tear down the column.