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George Hill Lock Collection

The Locks

Around the age of 12, George Hill became fascinated with locks. This fascination about the ways and reasons locks were made, soon developed into an obsession. It is because of this obsession that George now owns one of the largest private lock collections in North America, including nearly 6000 locks of all varieties such as padlocks, time locks, and mounted lock samples.



Hand Cuffs

Being that handcuffs are always a type of lock, and the fact that there is a lot of history in them, it should come as no surprise that George was naturally fascinated with handcuffs, in addition to normal locks. Check out this collection which houses around 175 varieties of handcuffs.




Key Collection

Keys to the Cities Collection

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In addition to locks and handcuffs, at age 14, George Hill became interested in keys (naturally!). He began writing to mayors of cities around the country and world requesting a "key to the city", and enclosing a check for $10 to cover the cost. The results? Over 175 responses from the mayors, most including a key to their city. Check them out here!